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We are here to help you swiftly enter the Chinese e-commerce market and seize the rapid growth of internet users. Let us assist you in building and expanding your brand and business in the online realm.

  • Our leadership team comprises professionals with extensive experience from renowned internet giants such as Baidu and, as well as leading 4A companies. With deep platform relationships and abundant resources at our disposal, we ensure unmatched support for your success.
  • Catering primarily to international brands and well-known domestic enterprises, our business radiates across diverse clientele. Kuuby stands as a new-age integrated marketing service provider, offering end-to-end marketing solutions, comprehensive media resource integration, innovative content creation, and cutting-edge digital technology services.

Partner with Kuuby today and unlock the power of seamless marketing integration. Let us propel your brand forward, leveraging our expertise to connect with audiences across the entire marketing landscape.

Douyin Collection Store: Unleash Your Brand's Potential!

Join the Douyin revolution and elevate your brand's visibility and sales with our innovative Douyin Collection Store. We provide a unique platform for foreign businesses to effortlessly sell their products in our store, reaching millions of potential customers on the popular Douyin (China version of TikTok) platform.

No more complex trade procedures or hefty paperwork. With our streamlined approach, you can showcase and sell your products hassle-free, without the need for extensive bureaucratic processes. We handle the logistics, marketing, and customer service, allowing you to focus on what you do best – crafting exceptional products and building your brand.

Experience the power of quick product listing, low costs, and the rapid time-to-market. As a part of our Douyin Collection Store, you gain access to a dedicated sales platform and a range of comprehensive services that ensure your success. From customs clearance to shipping, operations, marketing, and customer support, we've got you covered at every step.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to tap into the immense reach of Douyin and showcase your brand to a global audience. Join the Douyin Collection Store today and watch your brand thrive in the fast-paced world of social commerce.


Data capability

As an emerging business platform, Douyin's advantage over other platforms lies in its data capabilities. As we have mentioned when discussing algorithms, the strength of the ByteDance ecosystem is its pioneering use of interest-based recommendation engines for Chinese content, giving it a unique competitive edge in the relationship between content and users.


User base

With the growth of user traffic, Douyin has become a highly competitive online marketplace. The platform attracts a young user base, primarily aged between 20 to 39 years old, with over 90% of the population residing in second, third, fourth, and fifth-tier cities. These demographics represent the most promising and potential market for future expansion in the beauty industry.


Product system

As a comprehensive business operating system, Douyin provides us with three paths to fulfill our operational needs at different stages. Through short videos, live streaming, profiles, and messaging, Douyin has built a user operation path that spans from public domain to private domain, and from weak connections to strong relationships.

Opening Your Own Store vs. Joining Us

Process and Costs for Opening an Independent Store on Douyin:

  1. Register a domestic Chinese company or find a cooperative Chinese company to serve as the domestic guarantor for the store.
  2. Brand review, qualification review, project review, performance and reputation review, operational plan review, operational capability review, office location, and team personnel review.
  3. Wait for the review process, which takes approximately 6 months (passing the review is not guaranteed).
  4. Pay an entry security deposit of 100,000 CNY.
  5. Store opening fee: 50,000 - 100,000 CNY.
  6. Independent Douyin store TP operational fee: 400,000 CNY+/year.
  7. Independently seek and match various promotional resources.

Process and Costs for Joining KUUBY Douyin Collection Store:

  1. Provide brand-related information: company details, legal representative information, brand information, product information, and bank details.
  2. Pay an entry insurance deposit of 10,000 CNY.
  3. Pay TP operational service fees of 50,000 CNY per year or 100,000 CNY per year.
  4. KUUBY takes care of other matters such as customs, bonded warehouses, operations, and finding promotional resources.

Joining Us Offers the Following Advantages:

  • Easy Startup: Joining the Douyin Collection Store reduces brand pressure and makes it easier to launch sales in China.
  • Lower Capital Requirement: Joining the Douyin Collection Store requires minimal capital investment, allowing for a cost-effective entry into the Chinese market.
  • Lower Entry Barrier: Joining the Douyin Collection Store eliminates the need for extensive documentation and approval preparations. There is no requirement for a domestic guarantor company in China.
  • Quick Shelf Placement: Joining the Douyin Collection Store allows for a fast turnaround time, enabling products to be listed quickly and presented to consumers.
  • Market Testing: Joining the Douyin Collection Store serves as an initial step for brands that want to enter the Chinese market but are uncertain about market feedback, allowing for product testing. Brand Exposure: Joining the Douyin Collection Store offers a low-cost opportunity to showcase and promote brands to Chinese consumers, exploring further collaboration opportunities.
  • Agent Recruitment: Joining the Douyin Collection Store makes it easy to recruit agents and distributors in the Chinese market by leveraging the promotion of flagship products.

Service Fee Details

Service Annual Service Fee
Store Operations, Customer Service Reception, Supply Chain Management 50,000 CNY
TikTok Account Video Operations, TikTok Product Deep Operations, Supply Chain Management,
Customer Service Management, Influencer Collaborations, Advertising Promotion
100,000 CNY

what we do

  • Brand Online Consultation and Marketing Solutions We offer internet, e-commerce, and media consultancy services to brands. Based on the brand's market budget, business direction, and goals, we develop comprehensive marketing solutions.

  • Brand Multi-channel Media Placement We integrate resources from various online channels to incubate and promote the brand, establishing a media matrix for brand exposure.

  • Comprehensive Operation of Brand E-commerce Platforms We offer end-to-end operational management services for brand stores on platforms like Tmall, Tmall Global,, JD Worldwide, Taobao, Pinduoduo, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu.

  • Content Creation and Collaboration with Influencers We integrate resources from celebrities and influencers to provide brand collaborations through visual and video content creation. This includes product photography, promotional video production, and short video creation.

Why us

  • Brand Operation Capability Combining brand building and product sales to create a multidimensional brand atmosphere that resonates with the target audience. Utilizing brand influence to stimulate sales conversion and leveraging fan and private traffic to enhance brand value. The synergy between brand and product is paramount.

  • Audience Operation Capability Identifying and cultivating the brand's existing target audience while continuously attracting new users through brand and product advantages. Strengthening brand-user stickiness through creative strategies and high-quality content production to establish a strong bond with the audience.

  • Product Operation Capability Creating high-quality products, identifying unique features and selling points, and implementing differentiated marketing strategies. Leveraging consumer psychology, competitor analysis, and market insights to package and market products effectively for optimal presentation.

  • Scenario Operation Capability Analyzing consumer needs based on the core of private traffic, implementing scenario-based operations. Shifting from traditional customer search to a customer-oriented approach. Empowering brands with proactivity.

  • Data Bank Operation Capability Leveraging data as the foundation for operations, integrating the entire channel and user behavior. Analyzing every data metric and user consumption behavior to ensure accurate, timely, and effective operational direction and strategies.

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